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Tired of Getting Contacted by Creeps on Dating Sites?

Your Profile May Be the Problem

Discover the real reason why all the wrong men are reaching out and wasting your time…
And three quick profile tweaks to get rid of them for good and start attracting quality guys you could spend the rest of your life with.

You’ll discover…

The most common line in women’s profiles that draws shady guys in like sharks
What your photos actually are saying about you, whether you realize it or not…
And how to stop getting passed over for dates, no matter the competition in your area

In a Nutshell:

What if you could see into the mind of a man? What if you understood the games men play with women? I am offering a one-hour session which will assist you in identifying your relationship patterns and learning tools to achieving true happiness in a committed relationship.

Who I am:

I am an experienced life coach who assists women in understanding the conscious and subconscious games men play and why women fall for it. With my background as a licensed psychotherapist, I have gained the knowledge and insight into the patterns that continually play out in relationships and how to avoid them.

What can you expect?

You can expect to have honest feedback regarding the patterns in your relationships. You can expect straight answers, from someone who has been there, to identify games men are using with you.

What if things could be much simpler? What if you didn’t waste energy on how you should change? What if you only invested in a relationship that truly deserves it?

What you can expect from the first session:

The first session will increase your awareness of what you really want and begin to see into the mystery of many games men play. After the first session if you still wish to move forward we would schedule a personalized plan for you which would hold you accountable for your relationship goals.

“Mark challenges me to question my excuses, find my courage, and move into action. His honest feedback and frank questions cause just enough discomfort to help me grow into being who I really want to be.”

-Mike, Age 39, School Counselor

“I have had the privilege of experiencing extraordinary breakthroughs under Mark’s leadership. His dynamic creativity and insight have provided me many opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

-Bernadine Irwin, PhD, Age 66