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I have had the privilege of experiencing extraordinary breakthroughs under Mark’s leadership. His dynamic creativity and insight have provided me many opportunities for personal and professional growth. Bernadine Irwin

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What if you could see into the mind of a man? What if you understood the games men play with women? I am offering a one-hour session which will assist you in identifying your relationship patterns and learning tools to achieving true happiness in a relationship


A life coach is someone who helps improve your personal and/or professional life by offering support and encouragement while suggesting new ways to achieve your goals. It is a support system with one goal in mind: improving your quality of life.


Mark is a qualified speaker for the Inland Empire Speaker’s Bureau and is a member of Toastmasters. He has a passion for public speaking – inspiring others to new heights with contagious energy. Mark speaks on various topics including mental health,


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Mark Venckeleer, LCSW

Mark Venckeleer, LCSW

Psychotherapist and Professional Coach

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with undergraduate and master’s degrees in social work. I’ve worked in the areas of mental health, advocacy, support, counseling, therapy and coaching within a wide population including schools, prisons, colleges, mental health clinics and hospice. My work includes abused children, severely and chronically mentally ill patients and their families. My formal education and training along with my personal and professional experience has guided me to my true calling – Professional Coaching. Realizing I had been coaching others for much of my life, I am thrilled to expand my reach, offering my expertise professionally.